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Checkr Expands HR Tech Platform with the Launch of Pay and Onboard to Improve Experience for Flexible Workers

Appoints Chris Hollindale as New Head of Checkr Pay to Lead Development into Payments Market

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Checkr, a leading HR technology company powering the future of work, today announced the expansion of its platform with the launch of Checkr Pay and Checkr Onboard. As part of its commitment to building people-centric infrastructure for the future of work, Pay and Onboard simplify payment and onboarding processes, addressing the needs of a growing flexible and mobile-first workforce projected to grow by 23% within the next two years. The launch is an expansion from background checks into the payments and onboarding categories for Checkr, bringing three major hiring processes into a single platform. 

In today’s competitive talent marketplace, flexible companies are turning to instant payments to help attract talent. With 76% of earners prioritizing instant earnings access, delayed payments means losing top-performers. Through Pay and Onboard, businesses have access to embedded, instant payments, and a no-code solution for HR and operations teams to onboard earners quickly and pay them on their terms.

Pay and Onboard integrate directly with the Checkr platform to bring an all-in-one approach to screening, onboarding and payments. Now, companies can screen potential hires, streamline the onboarding process, and ensure timely payment in one centralized place.

“Our vision at Checkr is to construct the building blocks of the future workforce. We’ve embarked on this journey by streamlining the entire process of hiring and retaining flexible workers on a global scale with our suite of embeddable products,” said Daniel Yanisse, Co-Founder and CEO of Checkr. “Pay and Onboard serve the increasing need for hiring infrastructure tailored to the flexible economy. We are listening to our customers’ demands for solutions that make hiring and retaining talent a seamless process.”

Checkr Pay has already processed millions of dollars for flexible earners. Considering one-third of earners in the flex-work economy depend on it as their primary source of income, the need for instant pay and hassle-free onboarding is clear. Optimized payment and onboarding features for Pay and Onboard include:

Instant access to wages. With Checkr Pay’s embedded experience, earners have instant access to their earnings after a shift, without leaving the company’s app, through a free digital Checkr debit card. Financially stressed earners are twice as likely to seek new opportunities. Checkr Pay enables companies to drive retention by giving immediate access to wages without fees or third-party redirection.

Savings and productivity gains for companies. Checkr Pay opens a new revenue stream for organizations through interchange revenue sharing programs and shortfall support, while easing their operational burden with a 24/7 support center.

Enhanced earner experience. Seventy percent of gig earners have $1,000 or less in savings, making the necessity for immediate earnings crucial. Checkr Pay operates like a traditional bank but without the high fees, or the need and costs associated with advances and payday loans. It offers a user-friendly mobile experience, with added advantages such as optional tax management, discounted 1099 filing, and integrated, tailored benefits.

“Checkr Pay seamlessly integrates with our system, providing our caregivers with no-fee instant payments and improving our ability to attract and retain top talent,” shared David Smith, Chief Product Officer at UrbanSitter. “Our Member Services team is no longer spending countless hours addressing payment issues; Checkr Pay, along with its integrated background check solution, has significantly streamlined our operations.”

Improved candidate conversion. New hires have to use multiple products to get through onboarding, jumping between screens, emails, and texts, where mistakes and confusion can occur. Checkr Onboard creates a seamless, unified onboarding process with automated reminders to guide new hires to complete their onboarding and get ready to work faster.

Customizable earner experiences. Checkr Onboard is highly configurable, allowing the design of the onboarding experience through a drag and drop interface. A variety of templated steps are offered, including signature collection, ID and document upload, video recording, background checks, scheduling, and custom forms.

“With our switch to Checkr Onboard, we reduced our worker onboarding time by 35%,” said Blake Craig, Co-Founder and CEO, Laborjack.

Checkr Hires Chris Hollindale as Head of Checkr Pay

The company has appointed Chris Hollindale, an experienced product leader and startup founder, as the Head of Checkr Pay. Before Checkr, Hollindale co-founded Zesty, a corporate catering startup, reaching $35M in ARR before acquisition by Caviar/Square. Recently, he led a team responsible for two of DoorDash’s fastest-growing products.

Leading Checkr Onboard is Checkr Co-Founder, Jonathan Perichon.

Both Checkr Pay and Checkr Onboard are now available as part of Checkr’s comprehensive suite of hiring solutions.

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