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Altanora Leads the Way: Revolutionizing Remote Work with Actionable Insights

MONTREAL, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Altanora (formerly Malicis), North America’s premier integrated Virtual Desktop (VDI) IT solutions provider, proudly announces its groundbreaking research obtained through its Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solutions, marking a significant leap in the transformation of remote work. With real-time monitoring of over 250,000 users and endpoints on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix and VMware, Altanora stands at the forefront of shaping the future of remote work. The company’s latest report, “Remote Work Insights”, provides invaluable data-driven insights for businesses striving to optimize their remote operations.

In a world where trust in remote work productivity faces skepticism, Altanora’s Remote Work Insights challenges prevailing doubts. Recent studies indicate a stark contrast between employee perceptions and employer confidence. While workers believe they are 47-65% more productive and exhibit a 53% greater focus, 85% of leaders found it challenging to have confidence in employee productivity. Altanora’s comprehensive report sheds light on these disparities, offering tangible solutions for the evolving challenges of the remote work environment.

Altanora Leads the Way: Revolutionizing Remote Work with Actionable InsightsPost this

“The biggest challenge facing organizations is having the ability to differentiate between perceived productivity and quantifiable productivity. Our Remote Work Insights provides concrete data that allows organizations to understand who their top contributors are and how to manage them better, increasing productivity significantly,” remarked Philippe Theriault, CEO, Altanora Inc.

Key Findings:

Increased Productivity: Data confirms that 55% of remote workers are working more hours than their on-site counterparts, with 43% working in excess of 40 hours a week. For example, developers working from home produce 8% more code than those in the office.

Executive Visibility: Dealing with remote work has contributed to higher attrition among executives as they struggle to manage their remote teams, due to the lack of quantifiable data on their remote workforce. 20% of executives report worsened work-life balance, with nearly 50% reporting burnout versus 38% of their employee’s. Conversely, 56% of employees report that they have a positive work-life balance due to remote work.

“Based on work-life balance and burnout statistics, we see that the primary challenge confronting executives is the lack of knowledge and visibility regarding their teams’ performance. This absence hampers effective management, making it difficult to validate remote work, and exacerbates concerns and stress among executives.” Patrick Nadeau, VP Sales, Altanora

Having the ability to quantify employee activity and engagement time, along with tighter controls over what applications they access, allows firms to gather quantitative data and score their employees productivity against a corporate benchmark.

Patrick Nadeau, VP Sales, Altanora, emphasized the importance of recognizing remote work’s benefits: “Knowing when your employees are working or if they are taking extended coffee breaks, doing online shopping or playing Fortnite is key to Executives. Data-driven insights allow companies to better assess each employee’s efficiency and effectiveness in their roles, thus maximizing their employee ROI.”

Altanora’s innovative MaaS solutions challenges the status quo, providing actionable data for businesses aiming to thrive in a hybrid and remote work landscape. By embracing data-driven decisions and adopting performance evaluation techniques tailored for remote work, Altanora empowers organizations to enhance productivity, improve retention rates, and build trust between leaders and employees. Altanora also offers MaaS solutions for IT environments such as infrastructure, back-up and recovery as well as security. 

Altanora – Productivity Report can be accessed via this link.

Effective Oct 2023, Malicis Consultation changed their name to Altanora Services Inc.

SOURCE Altanora Inc.