GoLinks Launches Two Multimodal GenAI Solutions to Transform Enterprise Search and Knowledge Discovery


Leveraging the latest in AI technology, multimodal generative AI, GoSearch and GoProfiles help teams instantly find answers to their most urgent workplace questions.

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GoLinks — a Y-Combinator-backed developer of enterprise productivity software with a mission to solve inefficient workplace knowledge discovery — today announced the launch of two new products to help teams collaborate and execute, even in large, distributed workplaces.

The first, GoSearch, is an enterprise search tool that uses generative AI to eliminate the friction in finding documents, insights, and information scattered across apps. It’s like Google search — but for internal company resources.

Leveraging the latest AI technology, GoSearch and GoProfiles help teams instantly find answers to workplace questions.Post this

“As an organization grows, so does the amount of accumulated information and the number of SaaS apps. The average enterprise uses 137 SaaS apps, meaning most workers spend 19% of their time looking for the information they need,” shares Jorge Zamora, Founder of GoLinks.

“GoSearch solves that problem by providing a single window into all workplace apps and resources. Workers can ask questions just like they would when sending a Slack message to a colleague and, in a matter of seconds, get an answer that’s accurate and tailored to their needs,” adds Jorge Zamora, Founder at GoLinks.

The platform supports over 100 major workplace collaboration tools, including Google Workplace, Salesforce, Confluence, Slack, and Asana, allowing it to source the most relevant information. Based on GPT-4 turbo vision — the newest AI large language model (LLM) behind ChatGPT — GoSearch’s integrated chatbot understands both the intent and the context behind queries, transforming your search into an interactive chat that supports follow-ups.

Whether you ask “how to reset my password,” or you’re looking for your company’s Q4 product roadmap, GoSearch will summarize insights from multiple sources into a straightforward answer that you can read and digest in seconds. It’ll also provide additional resources, highlighting the most relevant links, documents, conversations, tasks, and people.

Leveraging the latest in AI technology, multimodal generative AI, GoSearch unlocks the full potential of your enterprise’s knowledge. GoSearch enables the creation of custom enterprise GPTs for more tailored workflows and use cases, generates concise summaries of search results, allows image-based queries for relevant resources, and facilitates URL-based searches to enrich existing content. These features enhance overall efficiency and accessibility of information within your organization. To learn more, visit our blog.

Building Connections Across Remote Teams

Further expanding its portfolio of enterprise collaboration software, GoLinks has launched GoProfiles — an AI-powered employee directory and workplace recognition tool that makes it easy to build genuine connections between colleagues, even remotely.

“GoProfiles is employee data for employees,” Jorge explains. “It helps them find information like where they live, how to contact them, and it lets them give recognition.”

Employees today are more dispersed than ever before. Purposeful connection is essential in this new world of work. Just as employees struggle to find information scattered across apps, they’re also challenged to meaningfully connect with teammates working in different timezones — who they may never meet in person. This lack of connection has real consequences, leading to disengagement, burnout, and lower productivity. 

When job titles and contact information aren’t enough, GoProfiles gives employees a central spot to learn about and recognize their teammates. Rich employee profile pages showcase coworkers’ personalities and achievements, including milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. An interactive map helps local teammates connect. A team directory and org chart reveal internal relationships. And peer recognition with Bravos ensures accomplishments don’t go unnoticed.

Helping craft a culture of appreciation, teammates can give one another Bravos — fun, customizable recognition badges. Bravos are displayed on employee profiles, gamified within peer recognition leaderboards, and can be shared automatically to a Slack channel.

GoProfiles includes native integrations with the most popular HR apps, including Workday, Bamboo HR, and Zenefits, to automatically populate and synchronize employee data.

As the only HR platform powered by generative AI, GoProfiles lets employees ask questions about their company and teammates and receive an instant answer. Similar to GoSearch’s AI-powered knowledge discovery for people data, GoProfiles AI provides summaries about individual colleagues and can tell you who lives in a specific city, who has earned the most Bravos, and even who shares your interests and hobbies.

To sum it all up, Jorge explains the suite this way: “These are tools that all these FANG companies have. They are probably the top five tools used at these companies. We want to bring them to market —- and we want to bring them to market with GenAI on top of the whole thing.”

Pioneering a new way of working, the GoLinks suite leverages AI to instantly connect organizations to knowledge and people for a more empowered workforce. Learn more about GoSearchGoProfiles, and the GoLinks suite. 

About GoLinks

GoLinks connects teams more intuitively to the apps and information they access daily. Context switching becomes a thing of the past with human-readable go links that redirect to any web application. Retire long URLs and share knowledge with memorable keywords in browsers, apps, visually, and even in conversation. Over 5,000 companies in all industries, including Snowflake, Asana, and Moderna, rely on GoLinks to democratize knowledge-sharing and save their teams hours of time each week. For more information, visit www.golinks.io.

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